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    We Should Represent You

    1. First of all, it should not be your attorney. He or she will be necessary to review your papers, but with very limited exception, it is not within their skill-set to negotiate with abstract financial solutions or complex banking relationships,
    2. It is not your accountant. He or she may be very helpful in preparing your tax returns or financial statements, but they don’t raise money for a living and therefore, will not understand all of the complexities or subtleties of raising money or the breath of sources that are available.
    3. It is not your investment advisers, who tells you how to make money with your excess money. He or she also will be very sophisticated but will be totally incapable of dealing with 500 alternative financing services or negotiating subtle terms.
    4. It is not your CFO. Your CFO is a great person to be able to help you run your company and probably has the best knowledge of anyone mentioned above, but again, unless their entire background is raising money, they will be going into an area where he or she has no awareness whatsoever of the options that exist.
    5. It is not your best friend Charlie or your roommate from college.  This is specialized material. You may be a candidate for an IPO, ESOP, PE or SBA, but it is possible that your best friend Charlie doesn’t even know what those letters stand for.

    What you want to do is hire an expert. An expert with international contacts, offices throughout the United States and a team of specialists who raise money for a living and can tell you all of the options that exist or politely tell you what you want to do can’t be done. Therefore, don’t frustrate yourself chasing a dream that can’t be achieved.

    Finally, raising money is a highly specialized profession. There are thousands ofsources, but if you don’t know where to find it, you will never be able to achieve it.

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