Financial Advisory Services

Our group has both Wharton School and Harvard graduates as well as professional executives, who in the aggregate, have several hundred years of experience in securing funding for corporate clients.

If you are seeking financing from $500,000 to $500 million, we will give you a free evaluation as to it being feasible or not and which financing option is best for you. If securing money for you is feasible, we receive no money whatsoever unless you get the money you are seeking.

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American Financial Services

  • Securing Partners

  • Real Estate Investment Trust

  • Joint Ventures

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Private Equity

  • IPO Consulting

Financial  Services

We are an international financial advisory group serving all areas in financial consulting, including bank loans, SBA loans, venture capital, securing partners, joint ventures, strategic alliances, private equity, Real Estate Investment Trusts, equipment financing, IPO consulting, ESOPs and Angel investors

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